How to foster connection in the office space of today

In this episode of the McKinsey Talks Talent podcast, McKinsey talent leaders Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger speak with senior expert Phil Kirschner about the office space of the future: what workers want, what employers need, and how workplaces will need to change accordingly. An edited version of their conversation follows.

McKinsey Talks Talent is

What Is A Craftsman Style Home?

You may not recognize the name, but you’d surely recognize the look: a simple but solid-looking, square home, with steps leading up to a covered front porch and beams supporting a V-shaped roof. The Craftsman-style house can be found all across the country, with a particularly large presence in the West and Midwest — and it remains as popular today

Inside ASID’s fight to expand designers’ practice rights

Considering a project’s scope is an integral part of the design process, but less discussed are the legal parameters of what a registered designer is actually allowed to do. In the U.S, 36 states have their own laws that dictate the scope of an interior designer’s profession, including the extent to which they are permitted to alter a structure without

Chico adds additional ADU to list of free building plans |

CHICO, Calif. – The City of Chico is offering even more free plans to make it easier and cheaper for people to build backyard Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

“I am a single mom so a lot of the times I usually try to find low-income housing,” said Kaela Hall who lives in Chico.

She said finding affordable housing for her

The Little-Known Story of How a Brash Duchess Convinced

By the end of his life, Auguste Rodin was easily the most famous artist in the world, staging international exhibitions, waitlisting collectors, and influencing generations of artists with his pathbreaking Modern style.

But until he was 40 years old, Rodin earned his living assisting other artists. As a younger man he had twice failed to gain admission to Paris’s fine-art

Community Meeting Discusses Green Space in North End

Dartmouth officials on Monday evening hosted the second of five community meetings on the plan to build apartment-style undergraduate housing on Lyme Road on the North End of campus, with the session covering green and public spaces. About 75 people attended the meeting, which was held both in person and via Zoom.

“As we develop a design that supports the