Choosing Cookware? Pure-Clay Cookware Is the Best Option, Here’s Why?

Choosing Cookware? Pure-Clay Cookware Is the Best Option, Here’s Why? : Besides being healthy for you green cookware, is also “healthy” for the environment. With popular metal and ceramic cookware flooding store shelves today, I am sure you’re thinking how pure-clay is the best eco-friendly option? Let’s find out:

Pure-clay significantly differs in many ways from what is commonly available in the market. These are discussed below:

The Raw Materials:

Metals are mined from minerals formed under the surface of the earth millions of years ago. They are non-renewable, so once used up, there is no way to replace them. The ceramic material is a mixture of part clay (7% or so) and the rest is oxides and minerals. These are obtained through fracking. These elements separated from their natural state leach in the presence of oxygen and hydrogen. Food is fundamentally made up of oxygen and hydrogen molecules and all nutrients are bound in these molecules. Thus, these materials are unhealthy for cooking as much as they are unhealthy for the environment.

Pure-clay on the other hand is unglazed primary clay – it’s nothing but earth itself in the purest form. It is harvested from the earth’s surface where it’s formed by natural processes. Pure-clay is renewable – once taken the earth replaces it quickly. It’s been used for centuries – even from before recorded history. This is likely due to its purity and health benefits.

The Making Process: Mining, Extraction & Manufacturing:

Mining and fracking cause massive deforestation. Extracting these metals from minerals and their processing leaves toxic by-products that pollute nearby waterways and the air. As a result, wildlife and human settlements get disrupted. This also ruins the ecological balance.

On the other hand, pure clay creates absolutely no by-products. You don’t have to cut trees or pollute the environment in any way while harvesting or processing this material. Because of its rigidness it doesn’t allow strong roots to go deep into the soil. At the most, this soil only allows for shallow grass to grow on it. In the making, pure-clay cookware is made using a negligible amount of energy.


The raw material for metal and ceramic cookware is transported long distances from the mining lands to the making factories. Many times, this could even be across the ocean. The exhaust gasses and waste from the giant ships used for this purpose pollute the sea and marine life. Also, they run at a high speed unduly killing sea creatures.

Besides these great benefits, pure-clay is the only material that’s fully bio-degradable. At the end of their useful life-cycle, which could be decades long, you can re-purpose them in many ways; as plant pots, for storing water or let them simply bio-degrade naturally. They go back to the earth they came from without causing any harm to where they are disposed – like a truly green material.

Pure-clay cookware is also 100% green while is use. For instance, it cooks with just ½ the heat compared to these other cookware.